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Thalia fell in love with sign language as a kid after watching The Miracle Worker. She picked up many of the signs they showed and watched that video so many times over she ruined the tape. Thalia yearned to know more but being so young and not knowing where to go or what resources were out there, she was never able to learn more than what she got from watching the movie. As Thalia grew, her passion for sign language took a backseat to the many other things that were going on in life. Finally, many years after The Miracle Worker, Thalia got married and had a baby girl. When her daughter was just 5 months old, Thalia signed up for a baby sign language class and her passion for ASL was reignited. Thalia now has 2 beautiful signing girls and is currently enrolled in a sign language interpreting program learning to become a certified interpreter for the Deaf.

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